Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update: Batman Beyond: Evolution of Evil

(Seeing "Enter Level Access Code" means the game is working.)

Someone requested help in getting Batman Beyond: Evolution of Evil to work. The game definitely works, it apparently just isn't compatible with current versions of Adobe Shockwave Player.

(Terry gets socked.)

It took a while to test this out as I used a Virtual Machine running Windows 98 to install old versions of Shockwave (thus avoiding screwing up my computer's configuration). I can't say for sure how well these old versions will install on modern systems. They might work on XP, but I can't be sure about Vista or Windows 7.

(Exiting the stage.)

Anyway, the game requires Shockwave version 8 at the least. It also works on version 9 (seems less buggy on this version). The game doesn't appear to work on version 10 or above.

(Batman taking a break behind some barrels.)

With the latest player, Adobe added some backwards compatibility, but only to version 10. The only way around seems to be 1.) Uninstall the current version of Shockwave, 2.) install version 9, 3.) play game, 4.) re-install current version of Shockwave.

It's annoying, but it appears to be the only way to play this game.

Older versions of Shockwave Player:

Level Codes:
Lab rat


  1. I tried playing it, and i can't get it to work. I tries uninstalling shockwave 10, but it won't let me, and When I try downloading 8.5, it selects a specific browser that I can install it to, and when i try, it says that that browser isn't found. Im on a mac by the way.

  2. I don't know if I have an answer to this one. I do have an older Mac. I could probably obtain the Shockwave files, but I don't know if they'll run on an Intel machine.

  3. Nevermind, got it to work on my older windows,it doesn't have an internet connection, but I got it to work nonetheless. I just saved the game dcr file, and set it's default program to internet explorer. Thanks for getting this work! It really brings back memories!

  4. I tried downloading the plug in but it just kept on not working

  5. Was it version 8? That might have been buggy, I can't remember.

    8.5 or 9 might work better.

    But I tried this on a Virtual Machine of Windows 98. It'll probably work on XP, but newer versions might be a problem.

  6. does not work for windows fix it...

  7. where can i download this game?

  8. You can't download the game. Shockwave version 8 or 9 must be installed, then use the Wayback Machine link.

  9. Replies
    1. There's a link to the Internet Archive in the post. The game's there, but it won't work without an older copy of Shockwave.

  10. Hi,

    The game isn't working after following your instructions. The link ends; reading the page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robot.txt Maybe you could upload videos of the walkthrough of the game on youtube? Thanks.

  11. I hope I still have it downloaded somewhere...

    And I just found it in a file system search. It should be part of an archive file I put together some time ago.

  12. I downloaded the archive, but I don't know which folder the game is in, which folder is Batman Beyond:Evolution of Evil at?

    1. I checked the archive and it's not in there, but I definitely have the file. I guess I didn't update the archive.

      Here's the individual file for Evolution of Evil:

  13. Hi,

    I downloaded the file...tried to open it using a number of different programs..couldn't..returns error reading along the lines of not the correct type of file...whats the trick?

    A thought: If this game could be uploaded as java app onto flash game hosting sites then we could search for this and play it. Currently I have been unable to find any site hosting this game.


    1. Well, it's a Shockwave game. It needs to be embedded in an HTML file to play (plus, the correct version of Flash/Shockwave is needed due to its broken nature on newer versions).

      Or your browser may be able to handle it by dragging/dropping it onto a window. I tried in Chrome and the game loaded, but was still broken due to the aforementioned problems.

      I updated Shockwave recently... and the game's still broken. So, you'll need an older version. (I don't know if that will work on more modern systems. Running a virtual machine may work.)


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